Downloadable App Code Instructions

Instructions for new App Code download for Mobile Banking


              *Remember, this only applies to Smartphones, not tablets


1. Go to wherever you would download apps.


  •           Google PlayStore
  •              Apple App Store

2. "Search" for touchbanking

3. The Touchbanking app will come up to either Open, Install, or Download, depending on the phone.

                a. Select one of the three, this may direct you to enter your Apple ID and password, 
                    or your Google PlayStore ID and password, wherever you buy your apps/music
                    from. Enter all necessary information if it prompts you to do so.

4. Once the Touchbanking App is downloaded you will be asked an App Code and User ID:
this is as follows:

                  App Code:fnbwalker
                  User ID:(whatever you Access ID is for Internet Banking)

5. You will then be asked a challenge question and your Internet banking password.

6. Go Mobile!